Monday, 15 August 2011

portfolio reflections

August 15th 2011

  One of the main things that I have learned is to broaden my knowledge around tech., like this was one thing that I would not have done! I think a lot of my beliefs and practices have been reaffirmed. I have always tended to be a teacher leader but have been able to refine my skills and have learn to build my comfort zone around presenting to colleagues. I have learned  about backwards design and strategic teaching.
I feel that I will be continuing to develop my abilities as a caring and ethical practitioner and reflecting.It has always been a challenge for me to write my reflections but I am continually thinking about and rehashing, altering my lessons, management and relationships with my students. Always asking myself how I can better serve my students individual needs. "How can I make this work for all of students?" That is one of my major growths, moving from one size fits all to more individualized learning.
 I have always been curious about my professional development, doing my best to stay current. I have begun to follow some educators on's overwhelming!
This term I am hoping to do my field study on Gizmos!


  1. "I have begun to follow some educators on's overwhelming!"

    Any good ones? I have yet to really see the power of Twitter.

    What are Gizmos?

  2. I had the same question - what are gizmos???
    I have not followed Twitter for educational purposes - good idea!

  3. Incorporating Twitter into the classroom could be very interesting.

  4. I'm going to do Gizmo's for my tech tapa