Tuesday, 16 August 2011

August 16th 2011 cont


What do kids need to know in order to be successful in the future?

Today in education this is the million dollar question....I fully believe in teaching to the whole child, and I believe that giving student well rounded education through the introduction and development of all literacies. At the primary level this looks rather different Every year I take the grade 3 students to the Aquarium for a sleep over. Some students bring cameras to record this adventure. But this year I borrowed cameras so that each child had one and I planned for them to take them and have the photos developed on their own however the plan changed and I worked with the students so that each student created their own imovie of the sleep over experience. It was a lot of work and required extra support but the pay off was huge for the kids!! Each child created a different movie with their own pics, music, transition and text, and each burned their movie by themselves!

This project allowed for many of the media literacies to be addressed.

6)distributed cognition
7)collective intelligence
9)transmedia navigation

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