Tuesday, 23 August 2011

As students and parents continue to gain access to tech., how do you feel your role as a teacher is changing?What piece of your practice do you feel you may need to change/enhance?

As a teacher in a very high ESL school I believe my role is will be to inform and educate both the students in my class and their parents. In previous school years I have encouraged e-mail communication and have sent my weekly letter through e mail. For the most part this was successful however, I had approx. 20% of my students/parents without access to e mail. I found many of the students were unable to use the computer as a tool but only new how to game on the computer. Many of the parents did not read or write English so this is a major barrier. I am concerned that I will invest many hours of my time into creating a class page and it will not be utilized due to this fact. I really like/am encouraged by Jenn's kidblog as then the students would be the main participants. I am considering switching to a blog from a wikispace as it seems more user friendly. 

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