Thursday, 18 August 2011

Content area reflection

Problem solving and communication have become the buzz words in Numeracy these days. Everyone is trying to have math make sense to students. Over the past several years I have worked to embrace the brain and learning research in Numeracy. Allowing students to work slowly through specific foundation skills such as patterning has enabled my students to better apply skills in other areas and explain and discuss their learning. Through Math journals students become more adept at making learning statements and setting learning goals. The Numeracy IRP's have been reduced at the lower primary level in order to facilitate a deeper understanding of concepts not a peripheral understanding. I have noticed that students are enjoying math more and having more fun since the pressure to memorize disconnect facts has been eliminated and more play based/ manipulative/creative learning has been encouraged.  I am hopeful that other teachers will embrace this model. I will be continuing to facilitate pro-d in my school and will be participating in a book study group around van de walle.

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