Saturday, 3 March 2012

Another fabulous week!

On Wednesday we wore our pink shirts and bracelets to take a stand against bullying. We had several discussions during the day about being bullied, being a bystander and being a bully. We ended the day with a group activity. Each student created a paper doll of themselves. Then, we met as a group and began to pass the dolls around the circle. Each person made a tiny rip, wrinkle or tear in the doll. These rips etc. represented what happens every time we are bullied. We are scarred forever and no matter how much we try to fix our "wrinkles" and "rips" they leave a mark on us forever! It was a very powerful activity and really gave students a chance to connect to how bullying can effect everyone!

We also worked with our Prezi partners to record our learning statements so that we can add them to our Prezi next week.

One of the most important changes that I made this week was including my students in the creation of the criteria rubric for their Prezi presentations. Although student initially struggled to create criteria for a successful presentation(not surprising since they have never created a presentation like this and it was their first opportunity to partake in the expectation creation).
After several prompts and much discussion, students developed the criteria for their presentations. I will post the rubric when I have a digital copy created!
    Students also had an opportunity to explore the Prezi site and watch the how to videos with their partner. This allowed them a chance to see what their project might look like.

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