Monday, 27 February 2012

BYOD Day and Prezi

Thursday was an absolutely fabulous day of learning for the students and for me. We began the day with our BYOD learning where students practiced their active listening. We started with a discussion on why the students had brought in their devices. Students discussed the idea that our brains often go to "sleep" when we are watching TV so when we watched this content area video we wanted to keep our brains awake by recording what we were hearing!
After recess Miss Adelle began to help us learn about Prezi. We worked in partners to explore the types of things that we could do to demonstrate our learning during our Space study. She taught us how to begin and how to add photos and the students taught her how to create shapes.
The most important idea that I take away from these two activities is that I have so much to learn from my students. They are eager to explore and to take risks. They play with technology and discover as a result.
Before this work session I met with Liz from Pacific Cinematheque and Adelle to discuss our plan. I  said that I knew about Prezi but had not created one and I was OK with not knowing everything. I was willing to learn and discover with my students. I am willing to try and fail. I am not afraid.........

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