Sunday, 28 April 2013

Today I am thinking about...Sharing

  Share, we have always been encouraged to share, first by our parents and then by our teachers. As adults, sharing doesn't always come easily. That is why I marvel at the friends that I have met through Twitter, Skype, Wonderopolis and The Global Classroom Project! This dedicated, generous group educators has encouraged, cheered, supported and rescued me, many without even meeting me in person. I have made deeper connections with them than with some educators that I have known for years. Their support is unwavering and the dedication and passion for their craft boundless.
   This week I had the opportunity to have 3 curious educators visit my class for the day. I shared my passion for building culture of wonder and curiosity within my classroom. I have also been using inquiry as our main means of discovering science content. It was amazing to be able to share my discoveries and struggles with them and to chat about how inquiry worked in my class. I was able to verbalize my beliefs and share my concerns about my practice. This felt amazing! It enabled to clarify a few issues that I had been struggling with such as rigour and accountability. When you are trying new educational models and are the only person in your school teaching this way there is no one to bounce ideas off of or to just talk things out with. It can be very lonely and self doubt is around every corner. I am grateful to Jane Silversides, Becky Copeland and Monika Taylor from George Vanier for asking me great questions and letting me share my love of inquiry with them. I hope that you were able to take away at least one idea that you feel that you can do in your room! You gave me so much! I appreciate your visit more than you could ever know!!
  I believe that sharing our love of children, of education and of learning with each other that we will make an impact on this around us! Thanks to everyone in my PLN for pushing, guiding, cheering and sharing!
I loved this little video that @gcouros shared the other night, it really is about sharing!

Have you shared lately? Has anyone made your day?

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