Monday, 3 September 2012

Happy New Year!!

  Hmm... Trying to collate and gel all the learning and ideas that I have experienced this summer is taking a bit of time. I read many powerful books that have challenged the way that I do business in my classroom. From Angela Maiers, A Passion Driven Classroom, The Book Whisperer by Donalynn Miller,  Teaching With Intention by Debbie Miller, The Connected Educator by Sheryl Nassbaum-Beach and Lani Hall to Cafe by Gail Boushey and Joan Moser. Through in a little, Making Thinking Visible by Ron Ritchhart and you have my summer of learning!! What a journey it has been. Although these titles and subjects differ they all had a common threads. Strategic teaching and student choice. Student choice has not always been easy for me but I found that last year I was ready to work and learn along side my students in a manner that I had never before done. It was liberating but it was challenging!

 My goals for this year are to encourage risk taking, create a culture of wonder and inquiry and to make more global connections! There will be many firsts for us! We will be participating in our first #flatclass project-A Week in the Life, the Global Read Aloud, Dot Day, the Oreo Project, Crazy Crazes, Pass the Blog and Genius Hour!I am also looking forward to making connections with other classes through blogging!                                    
 I have spent the past two weeks preparing my classroom for the arrival of my students. I have changed to design of the room in order to promote more questioning, more student choice and more wonder! By creating more intimate work areas with less harsh lighting I am hoping to create an environment in which student feels comfortable, empowered and more willing to take risks.                                                                                      

   However, I think the most important change in the classroom is me. I have shifted my practice to allow for a more student centered environment, I am willing to learn along with my students, and to take risks myself. I begin this year with anticipation, excitement and a measure of fear! But that's OK, being uncomfortable makes it possible for me to relate to my students, to understand how they might feel during their learning journey.

I am looking forward to the challenges, rewards and excitement that this year will bring! Happy New Year Eve!


  1. Such a wonderful summer of learning Robyn. I love how charged it has you ready to start a new school year. Giving up control is a powerful way to teach but I know you saw it last year with your students and how inspired they were. What lucky students.

    I look forward to sharing your journey with you via this blog, email, twitter, or face to face conversations. Who knows, maybe my students and your students will work collaboratively on a project together. There is so much learning to do.

    Here's to an exciting 2012-13 school year.

  2. So happy that you are motivated by our book! Your students are so fortunate to have a passion-driven teacher that values choice!