Sunday, 29 April 2012

A little of this and a little of that.....

April has been a huge month for me. I was given an opportunity to attend a presentation by Alec Couros which allowed me to reaffirm all the changes that I have made in my teaching this year. I have also been asked to attend an iTunes U workshop this week at Apple headquarters in Richmond, I am very excited to say the least.

In class my students have been finishing their Prezi's, which we had a huge celebration for! We invited our parents and several special guests from our school district. To say the least they were fabulous!
We also had our annual Aquarium sleep over and now students are creating personal movies of their adventure!
I have also been working with several other staff members to create a grant proposal that could allow our school to catch up to others in the area of technology. The grant is for $20,000! I feel that we did our very best and that the proposal is marvelous. We are just waiting, not so patiently, to hear if our proposal was accepted.

Oh....and I was asked to present at the STA Pro d Day! My workshop is Using Technology in the Primary Classroom!

Here are a few  pics from this month:
The view from my bedroom window!

Working with Arrays!

Skyping with Chicago

Our Prezi party!

Oral reading Challenge with iPod touches.

Always a fun time!

Creating an array storybook with our digital photos.

Happy Earth Day!

Our Truffula trees!

                      The Lorax art work.

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